to the one i will give my heart to,

someday I will be better. Although i am certain you will love and accept me despite my shortcomings, i still want to be a better version of myself. I don’t want to be that princess who patiently waits for her Prince Charming to save her from the miseries of life. Life will only be that way to those who think it is. I want to deserve you. Not becauseΒ I waited (waiting is either for the persevering or the coward; i don’t want to be the latter) but because i earned my place. I still have a lot to work out about myself. by that, i’m in no haste to meet you. Go on, conquer your world as i do to mine.Β We are not just each other’s universe, after all. Let us both spend the time we have now in separation to do, explore and accomplish the things that will fill our hearts. So, by the time we are meant to unite, we have lesser distractions between us. We can commit wholeheartedly. Let us meet 7 years counting from this day. What can you say about that? πŸ™‚

P.S. there’s a part there that disqualifies me from being a damsel in distress ;*


14 thoughts on “THIS I WRITE TO YOU…

    1. i’m glad to have triggered deep thoughts lilmaggie429 :)) i didn’t expect this letter to sound like this either, like so mature. lol. but writing this made me realize my priorities now

  1. I’m thinking about changing the name as well. Much better if we can create separate account for this (not under my account). It’s kinda hard to manage. You take over Joycie. πŸ™‚

    ‘Bout frutees post, 7 years is quite long. I doubt your man could wait that long.

  2. we’re not really damsels in distress. i don’t consider myself as one either. we’re young and free.. ano ng susunod? hahaha.

    maybe we should change our group name again? haha!!!

    1. i was actually thinking of that…wala pa nga lang ako mapropose…saka masama pa un loob ko that i wasnt informed. \M/

    1. hmm…surprisingly, you’re question made my breathing heavy. >.< i can say yes, thinking of a particular guy. but life has its own twists on things, so i probably would just keep silent. pwede rin namang basta wag na muna nya ako lapitan.hahaha

      1. that’s what i felt too when you said to me that i just described him. you know, that ruined my wonderful imagination. how could you be so sure with that.

        anyway. highway. lets just see what will happen seven years after. :’)

    1. Peer pressure tlg? hahahaha… okay na sana yung letter ehh… meron pang pahabol sa latter part?… The last part made it sound like you.. the real FAYE !!! πŸ™‚

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