You Can’t Ask Why About Love

I am quoting that tagline from the epic love story Anna Karenina. But no, this wouldn’t be a review. I’ve always had this belief, though not completely acknowledged, that when you find yourself liking someone disapproving one or two of your standards, it is more probable you’d end up loving that someone. Those qualities, most likely, are those you’ve always put high regard on, or only get to realize that matter more than you give them credit for. It can be on the physical, like height or the face. It can be an issue with age, beliefs, economic status, or certain behaviors you can’t tolerate. There are a lot of things which can keep two individuals from getting into an intimate relationship. That is why we normally don’t have the urge to want to get to know everyone we meet.

‘Cos you know your type.

But there will be few exceptions. It is inevitable. Things then would start frustrating you. You over think, and yet try to keep your thoughts logical. Act cool and unaffected. But that’s pretty dang hard, especially when your half-accepted object of affection is around. You can fool the people around but not your system. When your tense, you can feel your cheeks trembling somehow as you smile, as well as your fingers. Love makes good actors out of us. But when you’re alone in your bedroom, the emotions, your conversations, the looks you exchanged, everything. Everything floods you not caring if you drown. Next time be prepared and use a waterbed instead. (I just made a joke >.<)

So, what’s with all this? It came to me now that it’s freaking true that only few are capable of following their hearts without a doubt, defying what their family, friends, and the ‘society’ expects from them. Most of us undergo the inner battle of acceptance. Some end up sacrificing something significant, swallowing pride, and so on. The things we can do for love! But some do otherwise. Maybe it’s not worth it. Maybe he’s not worth it..

The weather has made me emotional.


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