BUCKET LIST: Finish Candy Crush — Earn 3 Stars Every Level

Isn’t that badass? LOL

Like everyone else, i have this self-assured woman with a daring charisma in me, i’d like to believe. And it is one of my goals to encourage her to come out by fulfilling the things listed here in my so-called Bucket List


confidently wear a bikini
rock a pixie cut
♥♥ hug from Chace ♥♥
be a Solo Wandering Female (travel alone some place far at least once!)
look up at fireworks without fear


learn how to swim then do watersports
Make a snow angel ^.^
horseback riding
pet a white tiger
Own at least one — newfoundland dog, english bulldog, st. bernard, chow, akita/siberian husky


Palawan, Tagaytay with Joyce, etc.
Try extreme sports
wear a Boho outfit <( ̄︶ ̄)>
have more than 10 pairs of sneakers all at once
cheer for the country during Olympics
play drums (own a set too!)
be a martial artist; be a certified krav maga “practioner”
Belgium, London, South Korea, Japan, etc.

These are 20 things if you bothered to count. And i intend to keep it that way, even if i have so much more in mind. No hurry for me though. I know as i cross out an item, a new goal will replace it. I’m not bothered to ever run out of new things to try.

It is a sin to limit yourself, even on the littlest of tasks, remember that. If you can’t do something about it now, imagine what’s ahead to your heart’s content, at the very least. Thinking of something is half the pleasure of owning it, after all.

Kick the bucket with a spinning sweep!

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


10 thoughts on “BUCKET LIST: Finish Candy Crush — Earn 3 Stars Every Level

  1. “look up at fireworks without fear” – oh, poor girl! Let’s go watch pyromusical and conquer that fear!

      1. Haha! Mura lang kya ticket dun! Anyway, pansinin mo nmn ung nagcomment sau na forenjer. Follower naten yan!

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