A Pattern for Success?

So, one of the DJs from my favorite morning show on radio (TMR) said one time that bands shouldn’t be formed the way One Direction was founded — cute talented guys who appeal to the crowd brought up together to form a band, something like that. I can’t remember how he put it to words exactly, but you get the picture. And then he quoted something from the Internet saying that it should be like a bunch of guys playing music in a garage, they’d suck together and then get better through time as a group, just like Nirvana. That’s how great bands are made.

Hmm… I have high respect for Kurt and the whole band and I am by no means a One Direction groupie (i admit to like ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ though :P). But I still think it unfair to take away from other bands their sense of individuality just so they can follow the beginnings of a legend. Let them make their own story, and this is not in defense of One Direction alone but to every band out there. Let them get there their own way. Success is unique. Let us stray from stereotyping as much as possible.


P.S. My love for the show is not in the least bit affected. 🙂


One thought on “A Pattern for Success?

  1. hmm, i think the point here is that bands should always have a collective effort. Kurt and Krist Novoselic were long time high school acquaintances pre-Nirvana, so when they formed the band, they already had a vision of what they want to achieve musically. One Direction, on the other hand, was formed from the participants of the The Voice UK if I’m not mistaken. If that’s the case, then many can assume that the group was formed to generate revenue first and entertain second.

    you made good argument here! 😀

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