Blueberry Pancake and a Not So Happy Ending

I know I can’t eat that blueberry pancake, even if it promises hours of entertainment after a week’s work.

…And then I found myself caught in the need to rearrange my thoughts…again. When I am bothered, preoccupied in any way, it shows in my words. By the way they come out wrong, by how they make me seem ambivalent, I am quick to lose my temper on things I would’ve laughed or given no fuss about on a normal day. That day I gave in, however. It felt right to act like the world was all about me. After being up for 16 sober hours and 7 not-so-sober hours, I was not willing to take anymore nonsense from anyone.

I’m sorry ate and btot for ruining that day. Maybe that time… I should’ve given the blueberry pancake a try, if only to make up for what could’ve been good moments only did not happen because of my occasional mood swings.

So, after two skipped meals and a throbbing head, I ended up eating what’s becoming a staple in my diet — my Milo oatmeal.

(what caused the distraction I am not ready to share..)


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