You’re Worth that Much

i lost my purse..

i freaking lost my purse.

the reality of it i haven’t absorbed fully.

the fact that my gurlfriends and i had an agreement to eat out after shift and the money i allotted for it was gone isn’t freaking me out yet. i should’ve just given it to my lil brother. he was asking me for a theater fee back home. i’m sorry..

i don’t feel completely defeated by what happened though. 400 bucks? it’s easy for me to think that i didn’t really have that sum. i can control my mind like that. but the purse! i love that purse. :'(( i’m not a wallet person, you know. i prefer a purse. i don’t even have a picture f it. crap! it was a souvenir from one of our trips to Quezon province. :'(( i’ve had it for 4 years. wow, 4 is dominating my day! erk

as i go down my bus stop, i was thinking of him, if i can see him tonight that sort of thing. haha! and that was my last thought before i realized that my jacket’s pocket was empty. i slowed down and checked my bag, hoping i unconsciously slid it in. but it wasn’t there. so, i traced my path back to the bus stop. it wasn’t anywhere to be found.  right that moment i knew i’m gonna see him. it’s sick. why can’t some things be given free? bakit kailangan may kapalit?! whoever gets it, i hope that person deserves to have all that i’ve lost. *sigh*

i saw my office crush.

what’s the big deal? i work at night and he’s from the morning shift, so it’s not like i see him every workday. it’s been a while since i last saw him. actually, after my birthday last july, this is the second time our time managed to meet. ugh. now he knows that i cut my hair short.

he’s worth my favorite purse and all that money, eh? very funny. seriously?! ⊙___⊙


he left way too early. about 5 minutes after i arrived? un totoo ang mahal ng talent fee mo vit.C!! OT pay ko un kaya (✖╭╮✖)

can’t wait ’til i can laugh over this drama. lol


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