Celebrate Your Natural Curls!

i’ve always believed that my sister and i are Greek Goddesses, if not English royalties. But before that, going backwards high school, i wore my hair in a tight ponytail all the time. Simply because i have not yet learned what i was blessed with. Am i being too fanciful of my hair type?

Maybe. It is not something i would deny though that i had been tempted to get hair straightening treatments. Having curly hair is very complicated. Even if you do the exact same routine everyday, the curls just wouldn’t fall the same way. Stubborn ringlets! It can get a bit frustrating, you know. Unlike girls with straight hair, i can’t get off the bath, get dressed and just walk out of the house. I have to style or fix my hair before it dries up. That’s how you do it with my type of hair.

look! more curly hair problems!

Curly Hair Problems...says it all.

Having to schedule and plan hairstyles days in advance

Curly hair problem #508: I don't understand... this worked yesterday!

Curly Hair Problem #3
gross but, yeah, i actually had a dream about this >.<

Naturallycurlyhair 7664 Naturally curly hair…

submitted by crazy-andimmature :)
this one calls for another post >.<

But ever since i’ve read this article i have forever vanquished the thought of straightening my curls. And just reconsider it after a traumatic heartbreak maybe? Haha! I felt more proud and more confident with my curly, messy crown. I quote, “If the ancient goddess of Greece wore their hair naturally and beautifully curly, so can you.” This is my look, and I’m gonna own it. Watch me roll! And now more than ever i wanted to go to Greece! I wanna feel like i belong. Hoho! My favorite Greek deity is Briseis. I love her and her curls. ^.^



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