Defenseless in the Face of a Seemingly Good Offer

Is it really the offer or the person offering it? How many of us have a problem with refusing outright?

So, these thoughts were born because of a very trivial incident. I was getting out of the bathroom when I heard someone calling from outside. I don’t know where mom had gone, so what am I to do but to attend to the unexpected visitor. She was one of those housewives in our compound whom mom has had occasional talks with. She was there with a brown paper bag in hand and a cute little girl on her side. [insert usual conversation starters]

The thing was, she was selling some shorts. B-Club shorts. And because mom wasn’t around, I can’t sneak back into the house and let them do their transactions. She seems kind, anyway. Even though I barely talked with her in the past, she doesn’t have a bad impression on me.

So many thoughts were going on in my mind as she was doing her marketing speech. I tried to refuse with a subtle “wala pa po akong pera e”, which she has an answer for – pay in installment. Hmm…

To cut the story short, she left triumphantly. While I, on the other hand, was busy crunching the numbers mentally. >.< My budget was really kind of tight lately. Yesterday, I just settled my budget distribution. And there’s not much left for miscellaneous. Now, here’s another expense to squeeze in. ?Ugh. Life of a struggling young professional. When I said that I don’t have money yet, I didn’t mean to have some cash anytime soon, at least not until the next pay day.

So, why didn’t I refuse? Because of the cleverly marketed offer? Because of the harmless look on the woman’s face together with her little child? Or because, unconsciously, I fear of ruining whatever reputation (I’m guessing a good one XD) she has of me?


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