Dream Pets

This just seems fun to continue talking about. ^.^ A little earlier my younger brother and I were discussing about a missing dog in our compound. Yeah, we’re that particular. Pets have always been a part of our lives, regardless if it’s ours or of a neighbor’s, even stray ones. And then we were swayed toward the topic of dream pets. Well, sort of.

People close to me know about my being an animal lover and I think even those who are just literally near me notice it, whether or not they bother. If they’ve been around often enough, they’ve most likely witnessed my special affection for animals. When it comes to these creatures, I turn hyperactive. Papansin, yeah.

I’m more of a dog person than a cat person. But when it comes to the wild, I’d choose the felines. Wolves scare me while I don’t see tiger and its kin as beings to be feared of. I believe I can tame them, just as I think I can with every domestic dog. It’s just a feeling, which I chose to embrace.


Given the chance, I want to adopt a white tiger. I remember the first time I saw one on NatGeo, I was captured by the moment. If you can fall in love with animals, that’s exactly what happened to me. I was only in grade school then. I know I still haven’t gotten over my fantasy as a kid to ride a huge dog. Now that I’m relatively bigger, big cats would be the best substitute. But the thing with parenting a wild cat is, they’re not meant to stay that long in your custody. You have a lot more worries than death and it being missing. No matter how attached to each other we grow to be, eventually, I have to give it up.


A pig. 😀 My grandma used to own pigs when we were kids. But that is not why I want one for a pet. I was actually scared of them then. I think they’re too noisy. And they’re raised for food. But things do change as you grow up. I want a pig, who’d be just like my dog. It’s not a very rare idea these days, so I’d probably pursue this in the coming years, when I have enough spunk to fight for it. Lol. It’s not as easy as randomly taking home a puppy. So, ’til that time comes, I’d be working on my rebutting and convincing skills. \M/



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