Random Act of Kindness from a Zombie

The  Outbreak Mission is a good analogy of what the world would transform into come catastrophic times. as i observed it, very few had kept their sense of humanity, and there’s no denying i didn’t belong in the benevolent demographics. at first, i was convinced it would be a team play, but as you go along, what would be left was the desire to save yourself. i realized that as early as the first leg. three of my teammates stumbled down, bruised and hurt themselves; most of it happened right before my eyes. but i didn’t bend over and pull them up. good thing, i didn’t laugh either. that’s what you do, before anything else, when you see your friend trip over something, right? XD i was filled with sobriety and selfish determination then. all i can do was to believe they can handle it and survive on their own.

Amidst all the thrill, laughter, and exhaustion, there’s a room for self-discovery. i found myself alone with two strangers, still on the first leg. initially, i felt beaten and dumbfounded. where are my teammates? that was the moment it started sinking in on me that i can’t depend on anyone to save me, not even my best friend nor my team leader. it’s all on me. when the revelation came, i felt strong, empowered. seriously, am i the only one that dramatic then, ‘cos that’s what i actually felt. i started believing in myself. i became more confident walking in the dark of the night. they can’t touch me, after all. contact is prohibited.

I was doing great not until the last leg. it was my turn to fall. two consecutive times! people tend to fall down on my path.. and it all happened so fast it didn’t leave me any time to stop or change directions.good thing i was aware what was happening (that i was falling >.<) that i still managed to rationalize where to position my hands and the rest of my body on the concrete. i didn’t add to their injury by stepping on them, whatsoever. the two times i lost footing, i immediately grabbed my glasses and got up to my feet. awfully glad i still have my spectacles intact. :’) i can’t vividly remember after which fall was it when a zombie approached me and asked, “Are you okay?” it was my favorite moment. 🙂 it was very rare to see a talking zombie, you know. just trying to be funny nyehe

i honestly did not think of associating it with anything romantic like what some of my friends were insinuating — Warm Bodies chorva. remembering it makes me smile though. 🙂 i was just touched by the gesture. a zombie, of all creatures, bothered to ask how i’m doing after the clumsy incident, when some of my teammates had left me behind and some i didn’t know where was. i’m glad i was able to say my thank you, though not in the warmest manner it should’ve been said. but i really did appreciate it. 🙂

Pictures from Outbreak Mission: The Narrows (Oct. 19, 2013)

courtesy of Honey~san, the sexiest in the team


i still haz energy here




Team OWL
the last i’ve seen of my headband..lost it somewhere in the run 😥





(~ ̄▽ ̄)~(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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