Silly Childhood Belief

Look what I discovered by chipping off my nail polish – a leukonychia! It was only later in high school when I learned that it was the appropriate term for it. I was easy to believe the silly notion when I was much younger that the number of white spots you have on your fingernails equates to the number of your secret admirers. Funny how little minds work.

leu·ko·nych·i·a (lū’kō-nik’ē-ă)
The occurrence of white spots, streaks, or patches underthe nails, due to the presence of air bubbles between the nail and its bed.

It’s been quite long since I’ve had such milky streaks. And at this point, I prefer to be silly and less complicated than be geeky and talk about scientific terminologies and nutritional deficiencies. I’d rather settle with the thought that someone, somewhere, likes me… big time. (✿◠‿◠) hihi


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