Do Things

it feels good to finally DO THINGS — read a book as early as you wake up (even a few pages count), exercise. those little things you used to plan every night, but didn’t really get to do the next day.

today, i read #22 of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (At Work) — Use Effective Listening as a Stress-Reducing Tool. i’m keeping this book at the foot of my bed for months now to remind me everyday of its purpose. it had been kicked, fell out of bed; mistreated to keep it short. i’m sorry for that Sexylove. 🙂 but i’ve seen the light now. LOL. i will go back to the habit of reading everyday.

second thing i did today, fulfilling for that matter, is EXERCISE. OH YEAH! i sweat all those lazy months of sitting, eating, surfing (Internet), and sleeping. and i’m really grateful to the gurls behind ReFitRev. they made the deterring thought of exercising seems so fun and interesting. i was excited since last night…TO EXERCISE, OF ALL REASONS! i request for the highest of fives!
(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

so, that’s how my day started, plus eggs for breakfast and some hot drink. please note: i did not forget to start with a meal today. i think i’m in for a productive wednesday! i also, finally, get to ask ate for some cork board, where i plan to post reminders of stuff i should do.

i am writing.again. :))


One thought on “Do Things

  1. don’t sweat. I wonder when are you going to give it back to me. *iling iling
    Refitrev! You should’ve mentioned that I was the one who recommended it to you. LOL Catherine!! ❤

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