At Last Ace Water Spa!


Delayed is better than never. Haha!

We’ve been planning going to Ace for like i don’t know how many times. But you see, finally, it happened. 😀

Enjoyed the experience though we didn’t get to use fully the 4-hour limit.

What I LIKE About Ace Water Spa:

  • -Free use of locker, rubber slippers, swimming cap, a bottle of soap/shampoo (i still don’t know which it really was), hair dryer, and it was thoughtful of them to provide plastic bags for wet clothes.
  • -Massage Pools, every bit! From soft to hard massages. 😀 Even the Lazy River was nice. Totally relaxing. We circled it for more than five times!
  • -The Swimming Pool was a favorite, too. Hehe. Simply cos i like practicing to swim.
  • -The Herbal Pools were quite a delight, too, as it comes in different colors and temperature. If i remember it right, there’s lavender, jasmine, guava, and one other. Hehe


  • The Steam & Sauna rooms were remarkable to me, though not in a good way. :3 The idea wasn’t new to me, i’m actually willing to try it before for the sake of delving into something new. But after finally getting to try, i’m super thankful it was not just what we paid for! I can imagine my misery if we went to a place exclusive to steam and sauna service. Yikes!

Btw, if you’ve been to Ace you would know that taking photos isn’t allowed in the pool area.

Anyway, on to the delicious stuff. We decided to grab a bite at Mad Mark’s in Kapitolyo. It was my first time in Kapitolyo too! ^.^





Chicken Wing and Cheese Frites (or something like that. haha!)


Liquid Cheesecakes


Mine was Liquid Cheesecake topped with Choco Fudge with a scoop of Half-baked Madagascar ice cream.

I was also able to buy the Old Navy Awesome Like Auntie shirt for my nephew I’ve seen months ago only that was red.

I’ll leave you with this!



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