Dalagindings + 1



Before it closes this July 26 we just have to visit Magnum Manila at Sm Aura. The commute was epic, in a bad way. Haha! So, let’s get straight to the main event. Ice cream!!


White chocolate covered chocolate ice cream topped with pretzels, gold nuggets and roasted almonds! Bonus choclate Magnum button (~♥▽♥)~

Honestly, bitiiiiin. I expected that we would get to try the specialties in the menu like the Cookie Dough Skillet and the Death by Chocolate. But it turned out that it is only offered to dine-in customers. But we would have! If we’d only known that the system works through pila. Huhu! Still, we enjoyed the magnum bar 😀

Btw, by ‘we’ i was pertaining to Dalagindings and my favorite person *blushes* hihi.


(L-R) Me, Joycie, Barbie, Angel


We ended up eating it in the mall’s food court just a floor below.





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