Eduardo’s @SM South Mall

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Last month I slept over a friend’s house in Las Pinas for a few days just to take a breather and to spend some time in a new environment. And every night I made sure (haha!) that we go out even just to eat. So, for the first night we ended up at SM South Mall as apparently, Mang Raul’s is closed every Monday.

As usual it was forever hard to decide where to eat especially that we’ve had our tummies set to have isaw for dinner. So yeah we passed by Eduardo’s Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken and considered it a good substitute.

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Super Smashed Combo (w/ Drinks & Fries) Php 180

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Black Smashed Combo (w/ Drinks & Fries) Php 190

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Portuguese Custard Cake Php 90

The main meals were deliciously satisfying more so with their special sauce (soo good really, I wanted to take it home). Definitely a good place for a taste of something Western.

However, the dessert was heartbreaking and not in a little way. The cake almost seemed like it’s plastic. You know like those preserved food you see in food courts that serve as displays? So, you can just imagine our disappointment.

Like this:

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