Skyranch and a Little Story About Friendship

About the same time last year, i was forced to step out of my comfort zone and had to open up to new people. Technically, they’re not someone i just met but rather people i just haven’t had the chance yet to be close with. It was terrifying at first to be totally honest. I was so comfortable in my little circle that i didn’t want to expand until shi(f)t happened. But like all things, it got better with time and the attempt to change things for the better.

Now i have multiple and very diverse circles. Merong pang mabait, merong pangmejo mabait hahaha! May pangbata, may pangmatanda, atbp. It’s a beautiful thing when you truly open up to new things, new people. You let go of all judgments and just give everyone a chance in the hope that they would give you a shot too. Everyone has something to offer. And we grow by accepting those. 🙂

I’m still socially awkward at times, but I’m way better than before. I trust myself more now when it comes to dealing with other people. And I’m proud of my progress. 🙂


This group is one of the new relationships i’ve formed since then. This was our Skyranch Pampanga trip before the Lenten rush. There was a mishap before going home but other than that it was all fun and laughter and there’s not much crowd, which made everything convenient. 🙌🙌🙌


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