Zambales Escapade


This was actually my first time to travel without any plan. No itineraries, no reservations for anything, no nothing! It was pretty brave but we survived it! 💪 😀 We just decided about a week before the trip that we would go to Zambales and so we headed for Zambales. Original destination was Pangasinan but we had to change for some reasons. I just have to thank Waze for bringing us to Subic and back to Bulacan without any hassle (except the traffic).

It was a very smooth ride going there. The temperature was cold and the roads weren’t packed. Probably because it was the morning of Holy Friday and everyone was already checked in in their hotels and enjoying their vacation. And true to that, we really had a hard time finding a place to stay because the hotels and inns were fully booked.

(Tip: Make sure to reserve a room if you can’t come before the Lenten rush.)

We just got lucky because we found one that can accommodate us that day at Anbonn Hotel. Most that we inquired at can’t take us in until the next day.

(Source: Google Images)

Day 1. Anbonn Hotel

Room for 4 (we’re 3 adults 1 kid) — Php 2500

  • aircon
  • tv
  • wifi

The experience was pretty neutral. It was an okay option if you’re looking for a place to get you through the night. It was accessible to restaurants, ATM machines, sari-sari stores. Just one major disadvantage was that it was located opposite the sea. So, we had to go to another resort that has beach entrance and avail of a day tour.


Again, we got lucky! We passed by Driftwood Beach Resort and the entrance fee was only php25. Haha! It was literally the Languyan ng Bayan. They offer tables for php500 and cottages for php1000. But we brought a tent so we spent only php100 for the entrance. Nakaninja kami dun! 😀


The place was jampacked starting from the parking but the experience was worth it. Sulit na sulit! The sea can never be too crowded anyway. Every group was busy with their own enjoyment, thus the crowd wouldn’t really bother you (if you don’t allow it) especially when you’re in the water. The water in this part was great! It was cold and there were waves that grew a little bigger during the afternoon. We spent more or less 7 hours there. So much for your php25, right? 😉

Before getting into our pajamas we dropped by Palm Tree Resort to secure a reservation for the next day. We also inquired for the worship service schedule at the Locale of Baretto.

Day 2. Palm Tree Resort

Family Room (for 4) — Php2900

  • breakfast for 2
  • aircon
  • tv
  • wifi
  • swimming pool
  • beach entrance
  • bar w/ live band
  • recreation lounge (you can play billiards and darts or simply just chill out there)
  • balcony with beach view. (Also the smoking area)


This is really the better option if you’re looking for an all-in-one place. Also accessible to all your needs. The one thing we didn’t appreciate that much here was the beach. 😦 The area was mossy and the water was warm. But in general, Palm Tree is a good place to stay in Subic.

Day 3. We didn’t do much on our last day. After attending worship service we just took some more pictures and checked out.


(photos were blurry. just grabbed from facebook. >.<)

As you see this was a different of set of faces I’m with. It’s Shane and mommy Jovi and her daughter Xandria with me. And oh Baby Brother, which was mommy’s car. 😀 This friendship was actually young. Only a few months old but we’ve already taken several roadtrips together, this being the farthest. 😀

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