Tito Ebe ♥


It was one of those things that I know I have to experience at least once in my life – to hear tito Ebe sing live. And it happened, finally! My heart was bursting! 😍 *kiligs* It was during the Maligaya Summer Blast 2018. An annual event that took place at the Philippine Arena. But i still plan to watch him in a much more intimate setup – relaxed atmosphere, fewer crowd. I got a free ticket that’s why I decided to join in even though i know there would be lots of people coming and that i feel sort of unwell. Tickets were worth php350 at a regular, good for 2 days.

Ngiting makikita ko si Ebe :D
Ngiting makikita ko si Ebe 😀

I will forever be a fan of Ebe Dancel‘s voice, his words and music. I dont know, to me it’s just so genuine and straightforward and compassionate. He performed a 30-minute set with his new songs and songs from Sugarfree. And in all that duration i was just appreciating the moment. :’) Triggered both happy and sad emotions. My current faves from his/sugarfree’s songs were the breakup ones haha! But i think Bawat Daan was the highlight of my experience. My niece, who would be married soon, was asking me to prepare a song (i hope i wouldn’t ruin her day) and i was thinking about singing that one. 🙂


To be honest, i only really came for the concert. But if i may share anyway the activities there were bazaars, inflatables, The Garden, Planetarium, Bulacan Beach, Animal World, etc. And of course the music event. There were different set of performers on Day1 and Day2, but I only managed to come on the first day. It would have been much more kilig if i was able to watch Parokya ni Edgar too, but yeah. ;/

Next year uli! 😀


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