I am One with 25

Joining in network tours wasn’t a new thing to me. Being a Broadcast Communication student back in college, I’ve been well exposed to this sort of activity. So, this chance to be a part of one, 6 six years after graduation and not practicing in my supposed field, was a little nostalgic.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), a local network consisting of several news and entertainment channels, celebrated its 50th anniversary last April 27. In line with that a Special Worship Service (Tanging Pagtitipon) was held at the Sanctuario and I’m blessed to be chosen to attend. Always, always glorifying God first. πŸ™‚

After that they hosted a quick tour for EBC Correspondents like me. We were granted access to Pinas FM‘s booth and EBC studios 1 and 2. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in most part of it however to avoid spoilers. Everybody hates spoilers haha! But I still do have some photos to share.

2018-04-27 08.39.58 1.jpg

There was also an art exhibit in the building, covering two floors. It was the EBC Arts Center and again we were prohibited to take pictures of the artworks. It’s really a pity ‘cos there were really good and unique creations. It’s a nice discovery tho that some honorable people i know in our church, like Ka Bien, really have the knack in this field. πŸ™‚

All in all it was a soul enriching experience. Made new friends with Jen and Jing. 😁 No picture with them tho. And i got to meet DJ Aikee, who was really charming. Hihi ^_^

2018-05-02 02.02.14 1.jpg

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