#OFFCON 2018


#OFFCON 2018 was a conference for Online Freelancers like me, as per the organizers it was the first ever of its kind in the Philippines. Took place last October 13, 2018 at the Le Pavilion in Pasay City.

I think it was a over year ago when I learned about OFF, a Facebook community for Online Filipino Freelancers (OFF). The timing was so appropriate because I faced a lot of bumps last year. And reading fellow freelancers post encouraging words and experiences helped somehow. They even post legit job ads there and the admins organize meetups and skill-specific events, and do giveaways! (which weren’t puchu puchu mind you!).

So, to the conference…

Posting for Lazada photobooth

Upon entering the venue, I showed a copy of my ticket saved on my phone on the reception desk and I was given a kit (drawstring bag with a booklet and a pen) and a participant’s ID. The ID  card served as a raffle entry as well. To be able to qualify you have to visit all of the sponsors’ booths and have a representative sign on the section corresponding their company. We completed ours during lunch break. But being the lucky ones we were, our names weren’t called even for the minor prizes. 🤣

2018-10-15 05.49.45 1.jpg

The event started at 9am and should’ve ended by 5pm but it was extended until before 6pm.

I forgot to mention I arrived an hour late hehe. And I was very sabaw and couldn’t help but doze off at some points. ✌️ Because the night before the event I had to work 8 more hours. I was late because I squeezed in an hour of sleep before getting ready to go to the conference, not to mention it was a motorcycle ride. If not I probably would’ve arrived at lunch time.

There was one moment when one of the speakers asked all those who attended, who had to work the night before and has no sleep, to raise their hands. And I felt a sense of belonging seeing so many hands. Hahaha!

There were several topics but I think the knowledge that really sank into me were:

  1. The importance of having direct clients (not being platform-dependent) Currently I’m only earning through Upwork, and I hope to expand my means soon.
  2. The importance of HMO and why I should invest.


w/ OFF Founder, CJ Maturino


Giveaway from Glenda Victorio, CEO of Brilliant Skin Care


and of course w/ Joyce O. Cari, Top Rated Freelancer with 100% job success rate on Upwork


😂 😂 😂

Actually, guys, to tell you honestly, this event was an excuse to meetup with her. I hope it would be months from now before she checks my blog.

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