Eduardo’s @SM South Mall

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Last month I slept over a friend’s house in Las Pinas for a few days just to take a breather and to spend some time in a new environment. And every night I made sure (haha!) that we go out even just to eat. So, for the first night we ended up at SM South Mall as apparently, Mang Raul’s is closed every Monday.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Strange that this photo makes me remember (imagine) memories that had (might’ve) happened in this place. Some days it makes me sad thinking that a relationship might’ve ended here. Other days I picture laughing moments of a group of people spent sitting while the sun was setting. Truly, a picture shows more if you really look at it..


Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare


Rare product. Genuine smile.

This was from our Palawan trip February of this year. Included in the Day Tour itinerary was a stop at the Butterfly Eco-Garden and Tribal Village. The thing he was holding was called the ‘bagtik‘. A product of the Pal’awan tribe made out of hardened plant sap, and is a source of livelihood for them. The kid was obviously from school, who decided to join the tour before going home, (or maybe he lives there) and gladly offered a smile when I turned the camera to him. 🙂